Hey, Insurance Lady!

One Million Reasons …

Did you know that an Oakland minimum wage worker earning $12.25 per hour will earn more than a million dollars if they work consistently through their adult lives? Paycheck to paycheck, it may not seem like much, but over a lifetime of earnings, it adds up! No matter what your job or rate of pay, if you have people in your life who depend on you and your paycheck for financial support, insurance is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to protect them from financial harm if something should happen to you.

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Imagine a Million

Have you ever stopped to think about how big 1 million is? A million chopsticks? A million blades of grass? A million puppies? A million dollars? Lately, we’re seeing lots of million dollar homes in the East Bay which begs the question – do you need a million dollars of insurance to cover a million dollar home?

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Prayers for Nepal

We’ll make a donation in your name. On April 25, the people of Nepal experienced a major 7.8 earthquake followed by several severe aftershocks. This disaster caused massive damage, affecting thousands of families. We send our prayer to people of Nepal and pledge to assist them as we too live on a fault line.

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It’s Easy Being Green.

Simple steps to save the planet. I grew up in California during the devastating droughts and energy crisis of the 1970s. So our impact on the environment has always been on my mind. Now, with California facing another drought and Earth Day around the corner (April 22), I invite you to join me in being green at home and at work.

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