Chris Tam Comes Home to Alameda Do Skin Care

Chris Tam Comes Home to Alameda Do Skin Care


Chris Tam, skin-care director of Rise Face and Body, brings spa-like skin-care services with an emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation to Alameda.

Get the royal skin treatment at Rise Face and Body.

Chris Tam is skin-care director at Rise Face and Body. Tam has worked in skin-care and make-up artistry for more than 22 years. After owning a skin-care business in Beverly Hills for 12 years, Tam realized her dream of opening her own skin-care practice in her hometown, Alameda.


How would you describe your business?

My skin-care services are at a clinical level without the clinical environment. I aim to offer my clients a spa-like experience where they can relax, rejuvenate, and receive treatments that are specific to their needs. I’m trained in addressing pigmentation, aging, acne, and hormonal imbalance issues for the skin. Our treatment menu is extensive including microdermabrasion, alpha hydroxy peels, chemical peels, waxing, lash extensions, brow lash tinting, and perming. We also offer a variety of therapeutic massages including ART (active release technique), sports and deep-tissue massages. I carefully chose my staff who are all experienced, professional, and are experts at what they do. I work with the best of the best so that I have 100 percent faith in their ability to provide excellent treatments. I also carry an exclusive line of makeup by Jane Iredale as well as organic and clinical skin-care products and hand-selected jewelry by Marrin Costello.


What’s the most popular skin treatment that people request?

I would have to say the microdermabrasion pigmentation treatment, which is my Chris Tam signature facial. This facial is a combination of microdermabrasion and an antioxidant AHA peel. What’s amazing about this treatment is that besides the youthful, healthy complexion that it yields, 99 percent of skin types can benefit from it. Women (and men) get immediate, beautiful results with no downtime. It promotes collagen, elastin, and continues to plump up the skin for the following two weeks. It also softens fine lines and diminishes dark spots. This favorite facial, known for being very tolerable and renewing, is really a wake-up call to skin cells.


Is there a realistic facial treatment schedule that you recommend to your clients?

In a perfect world, where busy schedules and budgets aren’t an issue, I would recommend facials every six weeks. But realistically, I like to give my clients a professional home regimen that is simple for them to do themselves, not requiring them constant visits. However, if someone has acne scars, I might need to give them six closely scheduled treatments to get the skin in the best condition, and then we can back off. I’m very honest with my clients about what they need and also about what they don’t need. I’ve even turned people away who are too young for treatments. Ultimately, every facial depends on the client’s skin condition, so I always like to work together with my customers to develop an individual skincare plan.


With summer approaching, what skin-care advice do you have to offer?

Obviously, I think good armor against free radical damage is very important. That said, I have a great love for the outdoors. While I do what I can to prevent skin cancer, my love of the outdoors outweighs my vanity. I’m not a super freak about sunscreen for myself, believe it or not. On a daily basis, I get my sunscreen from my makeup, which is the clinical line that I carry. The Jane Iredale line was the first makeup to be mineral-based and have anti-inflammatory properties that really protect the skin. I really believe in the products and encourage people to come try the makeup for free or come in for a free makeup consultation. Regarding the summer sun, I think everyone’s common sense about his or her own skin type should prevail.


How is your business connected to Rise Bodyworks?

Rise Face and Body is an extension of Rise Bodyworks, the gym and wellness center. We see ourselves as a one-stop shop of wellness. I am still the Pilates director at Rise Bodyworks, but I outgrew my skin-care space in that location. The two facilities are across the street from one another, so it’s a really convenient set up for our clients and me. Rise Face and Body is in the newly painted black building with a daringly beautiful mural of hearts by Free Humanity. The artist flew up from Los Angeles to do the painting. I feel so proud and lucky to have my business in the coolest-looking building in Alameda. I think it sets an exciting and positive vibe for our clients. By the way, anyone can “like” Chris Tam Esthetics on Facebook to learn about free events that I sponsor on skin care, make-up, wellness, as well as information on my jewelry trunk shows. We have a lot of fun at Rise!