Color Ideas to Make Room

Color Ideas to Make Room


Designers can suggest the right pliable white or recommend a rich shade to serve as the focal point of a space.

Interior designers Angelisse Karol and Laura Martin Bovard say beige is passé, warm whites are just right, and the grays are here to stay. Add bold splashes of a color in rich, deep shades for a fresh new look.

What’s new with color in home interiors? For foundation colors: Beige is passé, warm whites are just right, and the grays are here to stay. Add to that bold splashes of a color in rich, deep shades for a fresh new look. Here’s how two of Oakland’s top designers do it.

“I approach color very individually,” said Oakland-based interior designer Angelisse Karol, who specializes in color consulting. “Color is all about the person, context, and setting, plus the needs and desires of the space.” That said, cultural trends do impact design and color, the designer acknowledged. “People are overwhelmed in the world with endless demands on their attention. They are seeking a sense of space and calm at home with smaller splashes of infused energy for inspiration.”

How does that translate to color in home decor? “The trend is for clean, light, and airy, with lots of white and then the occasional bold accent wall or dramatic color in a dining room, office, or bedroom,” Karol said. For her, it’s about creating the container with neutrals for a foundation and then adding splashes of colors. “I use pops of color in accent items like a chair, pillows, art, or lamps and mix in some texture with materials like reclaimed wood, distressed metal, natural fibers for life-force depth and grounding in nature.” This allows room to play and takes a bit of risk but requires less commitment. “Color with this approach puts less demand on the individual’s attention.”

Laura Martin Bovard, who manages an all-woman interior design firm in the White Building in the Oakland’s Uptown, agrees. Typically she avoids getting sucked into trends, preferring to see designs last and finds this approach to color has staying power and flexibility. “Having one wall with a rich, dark color really grounds a room,” says Bovard. Her team recently refreshed the look of Rockridge’s Wood Tavern and painted the back wall a warm, inviting blue—Benjamin Moore’s Midnight Blue. The blue wall serves as a focal point and a nice contrast to the wood floors and furnishings in the restaurant. Bovard liked the look so much she used the same blue in her own home on the wall that connects her dining room and family room.

What are local designers choosing as their top paint color picks?

Finding the right white can be tricky. Karol’s three favorite whites for ceilings, trim, and cabinets are all very warm and luminous with extra titanium, which keeps them from looking flat, chalky, and blue. “These all contrast nicely with grays and neutrals helping them feel tailored and clean,” Karol said.

And the ubiquitous gray? “We love gray; it’s not over yet,” said Bovard. “Because gray has received a lot of attention lately, there is a perception that it’s a trend, but we have been using these grays for many years.” Her team’s favorite grays are both Benjamin Moore colors: Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter. “Although I’m not opposed to making friends with new grays, these two do it for me. Edgecomb is beautiful in modern interiors, because it is light and fresh and plays well with many colors like navy, green, and orange. The Revere Pewter is a little richer and warmer, but it’s also a great grounding and welcoming color.” Karol’s favorite gray is Benjamin Moore’s Rodeo. It’s a warm gray with a soft, heathery quality, which she finds easy to work with and thinks it pairs well with bright whites and wood materials.

And for those splashes of color that really pop? Deeply saturated colors and jewel tones like peacock blue, orchid, and eggplant purples, and bright, bright greens are some of the statement colors that Bovard is using. Karol echoes the impact that the bold blues and greens have, and adds punchy orange, coral, and berry pinks, golden yellow, and smoky purples to the list of colors that can pack a targeted wallop.


Paint Color Picks From Angelisse Karol

Simply White
Snowfall White

Edgecomb Gray
Maritime White
Revere Pewter
Winds Breath

Colors That Pop
Hannah Banana
Berry Wine
Midnight Blue
Sleepy Hollow

All colors are from Benjamin Moore.

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