Illustration Fan

Illustration Fan

Reader feedback on last month’s issue.

Illustration Fan

I’m a longtime reader and my family always had this wonderful magazine in our home. I grew up in nearby Danville, hence my name, Danvillage Studios. I especially love the new August issue about “One Rad Mama” and the wonderful illustration on the cover.

—Daniel Sulzberg​

A Class for Everyone

Love your lifelong learning theme [“Portrait of Lifelong Learners,” “The Best Party in Town,” “Write Like a Pro,” and “”Where to Learn New Stuff,” August]. Definitely plan to check out The Writing Pad!

—Anna Mindess


“Write Like a Pro” [August] incorrectly reported The Writing Salon was founded in Berkeley when it was founded in San Francisco.  An item in “Where to Learn New Stuff” [August] on Ride Oakland [“Spin to a Beat”] incorrectly reported the cycle studio has a beginner’s class but it does not. Pat Mazzera photographed bees at BioFuel Oasis, and Lance Yamamoto photographed sword fighting at Relic Movement.