Fit to Serve

Fit to Serve


Delicate, balanced, and fragrant, the ImpeachMint is remarkably drinkable and so much fun to say out loud.

The Port Bar puts the party in politics with the ImpeachMint.

Happy Oakland Pride! In The Town, people do things their own way, and while the rest of the world celebrates the glorious LGBT community in June, we start the party in September and keep it going all month long. When you’re ready to raise your glass to toast love in all its forms, grab a seat at The Port Bar, a beautifully industrial venue next door to the Paramount Theatre that radiates acceptance, diversity, and all things joyous. With rainbows reflecting in Absolut bottles, bar mats, and locally painted art, this is the space to meet with friends and order a fruit-forward, refreshing dream of the future: ImpeachMint. Delicious in flavor and inspiration, this cocktail is an award-winning creation by nationally recognized bartender Sabrina Haley. She placed third in June’s Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic Competition just a month after being named the Stoli Northern California Champion. Needless to say, she knows how to make a memorable cocktail, and this one has a special place in her heart.

Sabrina Haley pours an ImpeachMint.

“I would say a lot of the LGBT community is behind this cocktail and excited about the name because obviously the current political situation is not pro the gay agenda. I think it makes a lot of sense to bring that up during September and our Oakland Pride. And also every month,” she said.

Delicate, balanced, and fragrant, the ImpeachMint is remarkably drinkable and so much fun to say out loud. Actually, just stepping foot in the Port Bar is satisfying, because it is so clearly a space carved out especially for freedom and personal expression. Co-owner Richard Fuentes said, “One of the things that people feel when they walk in is not just that it’s their second home—for those who are our regulars—but more importantly, we’re like Oakland’s LGBT center, but with alcohol.”

So make your way to Broadway and soak up the good vibes inside a bar that is made of Oakland (parts of the walls and bar top are designed with material from the port, the Sears building, and the Oakland Army base). Enjoy your ImpeachMint with a light heart and a vision of the future as bright as co-owner Sean Sullivan’s. He said, “I have a feeling [the drink] might outlast this current president.” Fingers crossed. Bottoms up.



5-8 mint leaves

.25 ounce agave syrup

.25 ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice

1.5 ounces Stoli Peach

.50 ounces fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice

.50 ounce Bayau Spiced Rum

4 dashes of Peychauds Bitters


In a cocktail shaker pint glass, add mint leaves, agave, and lemon. Swish around then top with ice. Add Peach Stoli and grapefruit juice. Strain out into a coup glass and float the rum on top. Add the dashes of bitters, and watch it turn peach in front of your eyes. Garnish with one floating mint leaf.