Hooray for Cat Brewer and Bowl’d

Hooray for Cat Brewer and Bowl’d

Readers pine for more deaf access at theaters, fall for Bowl’d, and like the new blog.

More Deaf Access


Reading about Cat Brewer’s Sign the Show film project [“Signs of the Times,” April] prompted me to suggest that she please ask the Aurora Theatre Company in Berkeley to provide captioned or interpreted performances. Berkeley Rep only has one captioned performance, so if a deaf patron cannot attend that one performance, they don’t get to see the show. Totally unfair—not equal access, which is what ADA requires.

Margaret Mills


Bowl’d Korean BBQ Fan

East Bay 365’s announcement of the opening of Bowl’d Korean BBQ in Alameda, prompted this online comment from Doug Despres: We’ve gone two days in a row … Yum! Located near the also delicious Trabocco. The co-owner Chi is super nice. Go. Eat. Smile smile emoticon


Feast Bay = East Bay 365

The reshaping of Alameda Magazine’s regular food blog, Feast Bay, to also feature news articles and commentary prompted comments from readers about the expanded blog, which is named East Bay 365.


Looking forward to all the new coverage. Long overdue!

Annalee Allen


Congrats on this exciting development. Don’t forget to include Richmond in your East Bay beat.

Carica Wines


Youth Radio Weighs In

Thanks for the story [“Podcast Nation,” May 2016]. We appreciate that reporter Spencer Silva was able to include all that Youth Radio does and really hit home all that YR brings to Oakland, re: diversity in media. But we are concerned about a major inaccuracy. In Silva’s transition to talking about YR (on page 35), he wrote that “NPR made” Youth Radio in 1993, followed by description of how our founder independently founded YR in 1992. This is a big issue for us. While our partnership with NPR is a strong one, we were founded independently and have always operated as a completely separate entity. Therefore, our leadership is a very disappointed that NPR was incorrectly credited with creating YR, especially in efforts to solve NPR’s diversity issues. This has the potential to create confusion and negatively impact our funding and individual giving.

Bridget Botelho, communications manager, Youth Radio


Silver originally wrote: “In 1993, NPR made Youth Radio—a nonprofit media production company based in Downtown Oakland—its official youth desk; its place for teen-driven news.” He responds: “I’m not sure readers are led to believe that your organization is funded by NPR.”



Photo credits for Al Letson and Roman Mars were left out of “Podcast Nation” [May]. The Letson photo was courtesy of Al Letson, and the Roman Mars photo was by Bert Johnson.