Hot Over Lack of Helmets

Hot Over Lack of Helmets

Readers chastise us for photographing helmet-less riders in the article on Central Avenue changes.

Don Your Helmets

I am appalled with Alameda Magazine’s April issue regarding “Changes Afoot for Central Avenue.” As a resident of the West End, I certainly have my opinions about the matter, but I am absolutely flabbergasted with the pictures that accompany Eli Wolfe’s article. Both pictures that showcase this article show irresponsible bikers not wearing helmets next to the smaller sub-headline, “The anticipated upgrades are all in the name of safety.” Although the helmet law is only mandatory for children under 18, I feel that your publication has the responsibility of promoting all aspects of safety by example.

David Ruttan, Alameda


I was especially interested in the April Alameda Magazine because of the theme: The Green Issue: Road Biking. I’ve been following the push for new bike lanes on Central Avenue closely because I and my children bike in Alameda almost every day, year-round, on errands, to school, to the library, for shopping, etc. So I was bothered to turn to the article on page 9 “Changes Afoot For Central Avenue” and be confronted with photos of the three bikers, none of whom are wearing helmets. Another biker on page 27 was also helmet-less. All the bikers I know who were at the City Council meetings in support of bike lanes on Central Avenue wear their helmets for safety. I was disappointed that Alameda Magazine isn’t reinforcing a common-sense safety measure.

Ann Naffziger, Alameda


Tourney Time

It was great to see Alameda Commuters Golf Tournament listed in the Fundraisers & Fêtes section [April]. Thank you. It’s great to see the magazine is still thriving.

John McClure, Alameda


Brightened His Day

Thank you very much for the terrific article about Brand X Huaraches in the April issue [“A Treat for Your Feet.”] We greatly appreciate it.

Ronn Simpson, Brand X Huaraches, Oakland


Sous-Vide Fan

Why does your listing of Chowhaus, closed in less than one year, include the dismissive comment, “For too long, Oakland Hills residents have had to settle for what we could call ‘Montclair good’?” Looks more like paid advertising than a legitimate review. You obviously have not tried the 72-hour sous-vide short ribs at our longtime favorite, Italian Colors. Please do.

Phillip Francis, Oakland