How Much Technology is Too Much Technology?

AI machines out-thinking humans, drones spying on the masses, and umbilical-cord-attached smartphones might indicate a little too much tech.

Jaying Wang: This is something I’ve actually given a lot of thought to lately. In my opinion, when artificial intelligence produces machines that can outthink human beings, that’s too much technology. What’s frightening is that we might well be on our way towards that reality.

Jennifer Serr: As a sewing instructor, I believe we still need to do things with our hands for brain development. If balanced with creativity and physical activity, technology is, of course, a great thing. Like everything, tech usage requires self-regulation and moderation. I’ve noticed resurgence in the handcraft movement since technology has taken off. I believe people miss making tangible things like we used to. I really sense a craving for tactile innovation. But then again, technology is a great tool for creativity too. I’m so impressed with things like 3-D printing. Again, I think balance is the answer.

Kiyomi Miller: Technology is so very convenient, but it is amazing how much more we rely on it than we used to—the usage of it is definitely excessive. I think it offers shortcuts that hinder how to figure things out by ourselves. Answers to anything we need are at our fingertips, which is great, but this super-easy access can become a crutch. However, conveniences like going paperless through technology is one of the many simple but great perks that is life-changing.

Marion Romero: All of our day-to-day tasks have improved because of advancements in computer-related technology. But as much as I love gadgets, there has to be a balance. I think the use of technology is too much when people are so engrossed with the shiny, new object that they miss opportunities for social interactions. As a supervising librarian, I think advancements in devices like e-readers and tablets are wonderful.

Alex Adranly: A person has or uses too much technology when one is damaged physically or mentally by it. For instance, if your eyesight begins to worsen, or if you feel insecure not having your phone with you, you’re in too deep. But the most important thing to look out for when deciding how much technology is too much, I believe, depends on your social behavior. If you become socially inhibited from interacting with those around you because of something high-tech, that is when there is too much technology.

William Sayo: I think technology is great—until drones start watching over what we are doing.