Imagine a Million

Have you ever stopped to think about how big 1 million is? A million chopsticks?  A million blades of grass?  A million puppies?  A million dollars?

Lately, we’re seeing lots of million dollar homes in the East Bay which begs the question – do you need a million dollars of insurance to cover a million dollar home?

The definitive answer is “maybe.” With insurance, we think about replacement cost, not market value. Your home’s value is based on a number of factors so you may need more or less coverage based on where you live.

The BEST way to find out if you have the coverage you need is to review your policy with an insurance professional. As a Farmers Insurance agency, we offer FREE policy reviews to members of our community.

Protecting your home is about more than just the home insurance policy. You may also want to consider:

· Umbrella liability – if your house is worth a million, protect your investment with additional liability coverage.

·  Earthquake Insurance – because we live in Earthquake country

· Life Insurance – so your family doesn’t have to worry about the mortgage

· Jewelry insurance – home policies have limited jewelry coverage – if you sparkle, you need separate coverage

Scheduling a review is EASY, simply call our office at 510-874-5700. We look forward to meeting you! Ruth Stroup, the Insurance Lady.

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