Kudos for the AUSD Dress Code

Kudos for the AUSD Dress Code

We can’t assume all students have parents guiding them appropriately.

AUSD Dress Code

This [“Dressed for Equality,” October] is amazing work that deserves more than local attention. As I’ve shared with [teacher] Rebecca Baumgartner, I personally feel a conversation is in order with any student dressed like they’re going to a nightclub or gang fight due to my experiences teaching in inner-city Boston.

 We can’t assume all students have parents guiding them appropriately. However, Baumgartner is spot on that no students should ever miss learning time or be shamed because of what they are wearing, not to mention outdated dress codes disproportionally rebuke girls and African-American boys. So, kudos for Baumgartner’s work and the revised Alameda Unified School District dress-code policies!

—Bridget Wallace

Every Little Bit Helps

Maybe SPF numbers above 50 don’t mean much for people living near sea level [“Sunscreen Facts Worth Knowing,” September]. I live about 4,000 feet up, and the UV is quite a bit more intense here on a sunny day — there’s less atmosphere between us and the sun.

I do want to know where to find SPF 70. Every little bit helps. The winter is sunburn season here, particularly when there’s snow on the ground, which reflects the sunlight upward and effectively doubles the intensity.

—James Castro

Proud Mom

What a great way to express himself! [“Mojave-Inspired Goods,” August]. He is very artistic and particular in how he wants his product to turn out! Every piece of art he makes is completely different …. no two are alike!  This along with creativeness is what makes WESTPERRO! How do I know, you say?? Because he is my son, and I am extremely proud to be his mom!!!

—Rebecca Robertson, Carterville, Ill.

In Thanks

I just received the September issue of the magazine and read the article [Spencer Silva] wrote on me [“Spreading a Message of Hope”].

What a lovely job you did. Many thanks for working so hard on this article.

—Nancy Salamy, Alameda

Under Siege

Thanks for the great shoutout in the mag [“Unsettling Times,” August] for Silicon City! So excited to share the book with your readers. Hope it pushes us toward the change we need.

—Cary McClelland

A Class for Everyone

Love your lifelong learning theme [“Portrait of Lifelong Learners,” “The Best Party in Town,” “Write Like a Pro,” and “”Where to Learn New Stuff,” August]. Definitely plan to check out The Writing Pad!

—Anna Mindess