Let the Makers Stay in Alameda

Let the Makers Stay in Alameda

Crystal Blue wants makers and creatives on Alameda Point.

Let Them Stay

And so it goes in the Bay Area [“Angst About Leases for Makers at Alameda Point,” November]. I hope there is room and consideration for the makers and creatives that make our town and region unique.

Artists and visionaries are always the first to inhabit deserted and rundown facilities in an effort to improve the spaces, create inclusive community, and rejuvenate. They have. Now let’s reward them with the ability to stay in the space they created at an affordable way.

—Crystal Blue


The Coffee Coffee Table

Congratulations! This is a great article [“Down at the Muz Shop,” October].

—Taiine Santiago



We misspelled chef Tu David Phu’s name in a caption in “Connecting Through Food” in November.