Letters to the Editor

C’mon, Cal!

It was very nice to see one of our favorite Alameda couples in your magazine [“Sound Bites: Gridiron Gab,” December]. The interview of Rod Gilmore about the football problems at Cal was very timely. Rod is uniquely qualified and could have told us so much more, but the article was too brief! I was disappointed that you didn’t see fit to give us more of his thoughts and suggestions for improvement! I am a Cal alumni (my husband is Stanford) and naturally I see the differences in the quality of the two teams. I wish Stanford all the best with their great coach, David Shaw, but believe Cal could do just as well, if the experts would weigh in here.

Anne Spanier



Safety Menace

Funny, I was reading in Oakland Magazine [“Quick Coq,” November] about SpoonRocket last night and was intrigued. Great idea from UC entrepreneurs! Then, just today, as I was exiting a building on University near Sacramento and walking to my car, I watched as a SpoonRocket delivery driver 1) almost hit my car because he was texting on an iPhone while driving (the phone was up high near his face, so I could see the Apple logo) and then 2) pull over with hazards on very close to the intersection, so that getting around to turn at Sacramento was dangerous and challenging for drivers behind him. I also noticed that he had a passenger. Seems suspect to drive with a passenger on the job. And the license plate expired back in April. Another SpoonRocket truck lacking license plates at all was pulled over into the road without hazards.

This was illegal and reckless driving. I wouldn’t trust these people to follow health code law to prepare my food since they can’t abide by state and local driving and registration laws.

P.S. Just thought I’d write again to let you know that I contacted this business TWICE through its website—the second time when it did not respond to the first—as well as through Facebook and got NOTHING back. Screw public safety and the law!!

Stephanie Pascal



Rev. Yoshii Fan

I just completed reviewing the December issue of Alameda Magazine. First of all, I enjoyed it and found much of the information worthwhile and beneficial.

I would like to comment on one specific item though, which was an interview with Reverend Michael Yoshii of the Buena Vista United Methodist Church [“Leaders of Faith: Prized Pastor”]. I truly enjoyed reading about his beliefs and his view of the world, and I felt that the writer did a wonderful job of capturing his thinking. When I completed the article, I was wishing that there were more to read. I know Reverend Yoshii and felt that you honored him with such a well-developed article. Michael Yoshii is one of a few people in our world who truly understands human rights and its attachment to religion and the foundation of treating everyone with respect. He doesn’t simply speak to these issues; he takes action and empowers others to follow a similar path.

William Delaney

Chairman, Alameda Recreation & Park Commission


This article appears in the January-February 2014 issue of Alameda Magazine
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