Evolution and Revolution at Alameda Magazine

Introducing four sections: Reporter, Connoisseur, Epicure, and Curator.

Most magazines are works in progress. They are constantly evolving bodies of work with pages and sections that need refreshing touches to enable the publications to better meet the changing needs of their reading and advertising communities. To that end, this issue reflects some major organizational changes, design updates, and content tweaking to improve the overall tactile and emotional experience associated with perusing a glossy periodical. Specifically, our feature articles will now accompany four distinct sections, so that it’s even easier to find what interests you the most.

The first change is the most significant one. Our newly reconceptualized upfront section, Reporter, is dedicated to covering the current news, politics, and trends that ought to be on your radar. Next there’s Connoisseur, our lifestyle section, with coverage in this issue of interior design and real estate, plus travel, which promises to lead sightseers to destinations both near and far. Shopping ultimately will appear here, too. Next up is Epicure, our food and drink component, with a critical dining review on destination dining locations, our thorough dining guide, and a smattering of pieces on cocktail culture, hidden culinary gems, and trendy foodstuff interspersed. And, finally, the all-important arts and culture element, Curator, which integrates rotating articles on the arts—film and visual art this issue, for example, though subjects will vary. This is capped off by the society and events coverage of our ever-popular Snapshots and a re-energized, expanded calendar of events with more listings and venues represented.

Like or hate what you’re seeing and reading? Let us know. In the meantime, we’ll keep evolving, tweaking our appeal in an ongoing effort to surprise fans (and detractors) with interesting, compelling content about the nuances and uniqueness of our lives in the East Bay.

This article appears in the March 2014 issue of Alameda Magazine
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