Oakland Doesn’t Need an LGBTQ District

Oakland Doesn’t Need an LGBTQ District

It’s a city that’s unwilling to let others define it, according to reader David Mulshenock.

Not Missing an LGBTQ District

Perhaps it’s because Oakland has never needed other towns to define or determine who we are [“No Gayborhood, No Problem,” April]. I can recall gay couple neighbors in every neighborhood I’ve lived in going back to when I was a toddler. Also recall these neighbors being mostly accepted by the rest of our neighbors.

As a straight Oakland native and resident, I slowly discovered Oakland’s deep gay histories starting when I was in high school. I’m 62 years old, forever learning, and hella proud of my hometown and fellow Oaklanders.

— David Mulshenock


New Park Rangers

Great program [“Calling the Next Generation of Park Rangers,” April].

— Yoni Mayeri


KP’s Tuition-Free Plan

I hope it [“Shaking Up the Med School Model,” April] also includes functional medicine and extensive nutrition as a track in the curriculum.

— Marilyn Chin


Yay, Woodminster Market

That little market has an awesome beer selection [“Woodminster Is Calling,” April]!

— David Santillan


Another Sheng Thao Fan

I want to add my congratulations to Sheng Thao’s success in securing a position on the Oakland City Council [“Sheng Thao Breaks Through,” March].  I, too, worked with the Hmong community for over 20 years (in Santa Barbara and Sacramento) and witnessed many amazing success stories.  I researched and wrote about Hmong and Iu-Mien women and the changes they have faced in adjusting to American culture, and I worked to smooth their paths through Hmong Women’s Heritage Association, Sacramento Lao Family Association, and Sacramento Iu-Mien Community Organization.  Sheng Thao seems to be a perfect model of gracefully adjusting to new ways while honoring her people’s history. I wish her all the very best and am so pleased to live in an area where women like her can forge the way for all of us.

— Carol Dunstan


Those Momos

Cafe Tibet on University Avenue has been selling first-rate momos [“Steamed Dreams,” March) for 20 years.

Also, strange comment about southern Indian being “mainstream” in the United States. Americans think of northern Indian food — chicken tikka masala, matter paneer, naan, etc. — as “Indian food” and restaurants that specialize in southern Indian — dosas, sambar, uttapam, etc. — are far less common and usually serve northern Indian dishes as well since many customers expect these dishes to be served at any restaurant.

— Ben Collins

FOB Note

“Gulay” means vegetable, not sides [“Impeccable Filipino Food,” March].

— Erick Lopez


In Praise of Town Tavern

Been there and plan to go back often [“A Go-To Place for Comfort Food,” April].

— Howard Harawitz


And that is the kind of neighbor one needs … one with their own bar!

— Sarah Vetters