Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Board games and spunky knives, flashy watches and necklaces, flying drones and scooters are among the hot gifts of the season.

This holiday season, look to this guide for great ideas sure to satisfy everyone in the immediate and extended family. From soft, plush toys for the kids, sparkling spectacles for sis, or a self-balancing scooter for the nimblest of boarder boyfriends, this roundup of possible presents will please discerning friends, stylish spouses, and leisure lovers of all sorts.

The Gift Guide: Clothes & Accessories


Bee Prepared

This is a perfect gift for the person who loves natural materials and naturally alluring messages about the awesomeness of animal life here on Earth. AnLiStudio’s Organic Honeycomb Bee design combines an electric-blue honeycomb with a neon-yellow honeybee. Or choose, if you can, from among the pink squid, gold owl, yellow mountain bear, red fox on a hill, and rain-clouds-and-bird T-shirts. All T-shirts are $28 from Modern Mouse, 2223 South Shore Center, Alameda, www.ModernMouseGifts.com. Also available on www.etsy.com.

—Sarah Phelan


Caped Crusading

This wonderful piece in winter white is just as comfortable swishing down the stairs with a ball frock as it is strolling around town on a Saturday morning with distressed jeans. A definite splurge at $1,438, it’s a modern classic for all time in luxe wool and silk lining with a whimsical “dog ear collar.” It’s made by the young Ryan Roche, who lives in upstate New York and is one of the new darlings of Vogue editor Anna Wintour. It’s only sold in the Bay Area at McMullen, Sherri McMullen’s elegant, terracotta-colored store on Grand Avenue known for supporting emerging local and international designers. McMullen, 1235 Grand Ave., Piedmont, 510-658 6906, www.ShopMcMullen.com.

—Jody Brettkelly


Not Too Shabby

The Bay Area has a rich legacy of denim culture, and Alameda has its own contribution. Shaabi is a new line of rugged, wearable clothing, designed and made locally. The line includes selvage denim jeans, jackets, and chambray shirts; leather belts and aprons are also in development. Designer Ihssan Abukhalaf patterns, cuts, and sews; Kerry Abukhalaf does marketing, sewing, and leather work. Shaabi means “of the people” in Arabic, but also refers to the marketplace or bazaar. Abukhalaf came to the United States from Jordan to study fashion, and his designs reflect his attention to detail. The Abukhalafs use raw selvage denim from America and Japan that’s sewn on vintage industrial sewing machines with some hand-finishing. See Shaabi looks on Instagram/ShaabiDenim and Facebook/ShaabiDenim. www.Shaabi.me.

—Julia Park Trace


The Gift Guide: Big Ticket Items


Skyward, Ho

When it comes to droning, it can be a chore to figure out just which type of drone would actually be the best to use for shooting films and photos, security footage, watching wildlife, or monitoring crops. If you’re looking to take up this hobby, or enable one of your friends or family members to undertake it, you’ll want to go with the best you can get. The best is 3D Robotics, the company that former Wired editor Chris Anderson co-founded with a whiz kid from Mexico in 2007. Today, the Solo ($1,000 to $1,400) is your absolute best bet for aerial photography, sky-based games of chicken, and severe weather watching. www.3DRobotics.com.

—Alex Handy


Be Seated

Handcrafted in California, Roosevelt sofas are functional and funtastic. The Roosevelt lineup (from $1,070 to $1,625) includes storage ottomans, stylish chairs, coquettish love seats, and form-fitting sofas in sapphire, pewter, charcoal, or teal. Buy floor models at a discount, or order custom-made pieces: You specify the dimensions, piping, tufting, fabric, and color of wood on the base. Four- to six-week lead time required. We found the line at Therapy, 1428 Park St, Alameda, 510-263-8622. Therapy has 14 locations, including Berkeley, Oakland, and Pleasanton and elsewhere. www.ShopAtTherapy.com.

—Sarah Phelan


Year of the Yurt

People seeking a serene backyard sanctuary can find a solution at Oakland’s Village Yurts. Founder Ilya Pinsky is a bushy-bearded 24-year-old who loves tea and spent some of his formative years in Alameda. He uses oak; Douglas fir; rafters harvested from Mendocino; stainless steel hardware; an acrylic dome; 20-gauge clear vinyl; “double-bubble” insulation; and marine-grade, preshunk Sunforger canvas to create these harmonious, portable huts. The basic model is a 12-foot, 113-square-foot yurt that meets most permitting requirements. With standard features, it starts at $4,500. Village Yurts, www.VillageYurts.com.

—Judith M. Gallman