Positive Feedback on East Bay Style

Positive Feedback on East Bay Style

Readers liked September’s “The Styles Scene.”

The Style File

Great job, Annie!!! [“The Styles Scene,” September] You are so talented. Always love reading your work.

—Mary Thompson Carder


Loved the article.

—Debbie Carder Denham


That was a really cool fashion article.

—Sharon Waddle Wedell

Goat Fan

One of the major pieces of our fire risk management puzzle that’s missing is the fact that grazing animals are no longer raised on the land around the hills. The goats [“Get Used to Goats,” September] are such a great idea, and delightful to boot!

—Chase Clark


Taken to Heart

Good advice [“Advice on How to Manage Contractors,” August]. Wish I had known about these before a disastrous 20-month project that should have been a two-month project!

—Robert Marcial