Renters One Up Landlords in Alameda

Renters gained ground, Alameda school kids tested OK on Common Core, and scientist know what the bird goo was.

I Rent, I Vote Alameda Renters Coalition members toted signs reading, “I Rent, I Vote,” to a recent council meeting, seeking tenant protections. The council then approved changes to the city’s rent review process regarding how landlords can raise rents and deciding that any rent increase can be reviewed.

Common Core California Department of Education results indicated that AUSD students did all right. “Many of our students met or exceeded the standards in the areas tested,” Superintendent Sean McPhetridge said. “This is an excellent start.”

Good Schools California Business for Education Excellence recently heralded six Alameda schools for honors in academic achievement: Amelia Earhart, Bay Farm, Donald D. Lum, Edison, and Henry Haight elementary schools plus Encinal High School.

Goo Update Scientists recently identified the mystery goo that killed at least 300 birds in the Bay in January as a polymerized oil similar to a vegetable oil. No word on its source.

Hot Prowler A 17-year-old male Alamedan was arrested by police for burglaries and sexual assault for incidents that occurred this summer in the West End. The suspect was linked to five “hot prowl” burglaries.

Whale Casualty A ship destined for the Oakland port struck a fin whale and dragged the carcass into the estuary. The mammal was discovered floating between the Fleet Industrial Supply Center and the Mariner Square Drystack & Marina’s pier.

Good Groundwater The Navy, or rather its contractor, continues to make progress cleaning up contaminated groundwater at Alameda Point.

Officers Wanted The Alameda Police Department hasn’t been fully staffed for half a decade, which Police Chief Paul Rolleri blames on a lack of qualified candidates. The department has a $30 million budget to employ 88 sworn officers, though Rolleri would like 92.

DABA The Park Street Business Association has a new name: Downtown Alameda Business Association. That also means a new logo and a new website. Say hello to new Park Street area restaurants, including Injera Restaurant, Crispian Bakery, Kau Kau Corner, and Smashburger.

This article appears in the October 2015 issue of Alameda Magazine
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