Statement for Peace

Statement for Peace

By Readers

Unite to Fight

It was wonderful to see the articles in your February issue highlighting the inspiring work of lawyers Bryan Schwartz [“Taking on Tesla”] and Jon Eldan [“The Advocate”] to make a difference. With the Trump administration, Congress, the Supreme Court, and corporations (and their lawyers) working daily to eliminate people’s rights and access to justice, it’s essential that all of us recognize the importance of fighting back.

America has to fulfill the principles on which it’s based. We all have to unite and fight.

As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Arthur Bryant, Oakland


Statement for Peace

I agree with this statement [“Middle East Dispute Comes to Alameda,” February]: “They proposed a compromise: seek simultaneous sister-city agreements with both Israeli and Palestinian communities. ‘This will demonstrate that Alameda is truly inclusive and make a strong statement for peace,’ they wrote.”

Amelia Amy Rose


Waterfront Park

Since I moved to Alameda in 1998, the city council has been scaring away developers. I am not shocked. The most unproductive city council who consistently lacks any vision. And, yes, we need affordable housing, too.

Jennifer Fisher, Alameda


About Those Luminaries

You forgot [“They Made a Brighter Future,” January] Ron Cowan and Alameda school board member Solana Henneberry died last year.

Steven Tavares, Alameda


In the article “They Made a Brighter Future” is a reference to Mark Hawthorne having “angry outbursts.” Where did Mike Rosen-Molina get this idea?I knew Hate Man and observed him many times. I never ever once saw him “angry.” When he spoke “I hate you,” it was always with a wry ironic tone and actually a certain sweetness and compassion. His whole philosophy was to use “I hate you” as a way to break through the walls and barriers to reach the loving humanity inside all of us. The only times I saw him speak “I hate you” was to people he already knew or were willing to engage with him. He had a philosophy and reason behind his behavior. He was not mentally ill. Please do better journalism.

Zakariah, via email