The Briefing: Smart People, Smart Meters

Notes of interest to Alamedans.

We’re Pretty Smart calls Alameda the 10th-smartest American suburb. Here are the other nine: 1. Santa Monica, 2. Evanston, Ill., 3. Berkeley, 4. Cambridge, Mass., 5. Towson, Md., 6. Cupertino, 7. Scottsdale, Ariz., 8. Newton, Mass., and 9. Seal Beach.

So Are Our Meters In October, “smart” parking meters went up on Webster Street between Haight and Santa Clara avenues and also on Park Street between Santa Clara and Central avenues. It’s a pilot plan intended to free up spaces in the business districts.

Meet Maya Lin Students from Maya Lin School recently met the architect for whom their school was named. A total of 40 fifth-graders met the architect best known as the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. “Study everything,” Lin said. “Don’t narrow yourself right away to one field or to the arts. When you’re young, it’s really great to experiment with everything.”

Raise Your Glass to Spirits Alley On Oct. 17, the city designated a half-mile stretch of Monarch Street “Spirits Alley” to honor the Alameda Point businesses devoted to wine-, beer-, and spirits-making. The artisanal alley includes Brix Beverages, Building 43 Winery, Faction Brewing Company, Hangar 1 Vodka, Rock Wall Wine Company, and St. George Spirits. Another reason not to leave the Island.

New in Alameda The Atlanta-based battery R&D company, Sila Nanotechnologies, looked at several Bay Area sites but settled on Alameda for its 31,000-square-foot headquarters at Mariner Square Loop, bringing 20 full-time scientists, engineers, and technicians to its workforce.

Alleged Arsonists Held Two have been arrested in the recent Alameda arsons: Stephen Petersen, a musician, and Andrew Gutierrez, a transient. Peterson has denied any wrongdoing, and Gutierrez has said he started one fire.

Fight Nixes Island Bowl The annual football game between Encinal and Alameda high schools was cancelled, with Encinal forfeiting to Alameda. The 60-year gridiron tradition was nixed after Encinal was accused of starting a fight in September at a game with Central-Antelope High.

Money for Hoops Thanks to Supervisor Wilma Chan, Island High School received a $6,000 check to help cover its afterschool basketball program.

This article appears in the November 2014 issue of Alameda Magazine
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