Thoughts on Technology Use

Everyone loves technology, but use it with reason. If it interferes or overwhelms, dial it down.

Paul Curatolo: When it does not enhance or heal our connection to each other, our planet, and ourselves.

Sara Mancini: From a merchant’s point of view, I find it really disruptive when and how often things need fixing with technology. It is very annoying. Technology is too much when you have to spend over two hours on hold for a five-minute repair solution. But these days, even simple ones are complicated, and that’s really frustrating. Right when I feel like things are going smoothly, something goes wrong. Going back to pen and paper to write up receipts is sounding pretty good right now. But, of course, I wouldn’t want to give everything up.

Travis Kuhl: It really goes both ways. For curing cancer, we could use more technology. For brainwashing a 5-year-old, it’s probably too much. That’s probably a parenting issue. Maybe there are too many apps in the world, but some of them are pretty incredible and helpful. So, my answer would be: We’ve gone too far, but not far enough.

David Hartsough: When it interferes with your enjoyment of life and connecting with other people. For me, I use computers a lot at work, and I find it really nice to get away from them when I’m having fun. When I’m hiking or having dinner, I don’t want the intrusion of technology. Perhaps my technical computer programming background makes me wary of its overuse. I’m happy to be away from an Internet connection when I’m away from the computer, which is why I don’t have, or want, a smartphone.

Jordan Crosby: Smartwatches are too much technology. Getting a live stream of notifications for texts, likes, emails, and pokes at every moment is just too much. It’s a breath of fresh air when the phone is silent and in the pocket.

Beth Beatty: It becomes too much when people don’t know how to use it. When that happens, it is not useful and can be overwhelming. I’m pretty tech-savvy, but when I reach my limit, it’s no longer useful to me, and it feels like too much. It seems that as soon as you think you know how to do something, there’s something new you don’t know how to do. That’s when you have to decide if you want to take the time to learn to do it—or not.