When Singles Meet Up

When Singles Meet Up


Forbidden Island.

In-the-know local bar and restaurant personnel reveal when odds are best for singles to meet other singles.

What’s the best time for  singles to meet at your place?

Michael Thanos, Forbidden Island: We see a lot of first dates and groups. The best chance of meeting new people is probably Friday and Saturday nights. Every other Saturday night, we have a retro DJ playing eclectic music from the ’50s and ’60s on strictly vinyl. It’s a good time to shimmy and shake. We also have live music on Thursdays. And anything can happen.


Lisa Churchward, The Churchward Pub: On weekdays, we get people in from ages 35 to 65, mainly retired gentlemen. On the weekends and later, we draw a younger crowd, 25 to 35. We’re a sports bar during the week, and on Friday and Saturday nights, we turn into a nightclub. We have a DJ on weekends, and that’s probably when singles meet.

Nicole Martinson, American Oak: Thursday nights, after 8 or 8:30, appears to be a good time. Our place is a very popular first-date destination for people meeting through dating sites like Match.com. They probably like the low-lit ambiance and the many tables for two at our bar.


Saul Guzman, La Penca Azul on Park Street: Weeknights are great for meeting people at our bar. We have our regulars, but we see new faces all the time. It’s a casual setting, a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Our happy hours on Mondays through Fridays are also great times, as well as our late-night happy hours on Mondays and Tuesdays. Of course, late nights on weekends are very popular times to make a friend.


Michelle Fuller, Z’s Cocktail Lounge: Evenings from 6 to 7 draw a mixed after-work crowd at Z’s. And if there’s a game on, day or night, we get a whole spectrum of sports fans. Our customers are older folks during the day and younger people in the evening. The later the time on the clock, the younger the crowd.


Julie Regan, Lemon Tree: We used to be an attraction for older people, but the scene has shifted. During the day, we still have our regulars, but at night, especially weekends, we draw a younger crowd. We have a live band two or three times a month and karaoke once a month. Our good ole jukebox is also a staple attraction. It’s pretty fun around here, and everyone is friendly. It’s the place where everybody knows your name.


Published online on Nov. 18, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.